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Andrea is a sincere and benevolent teacher, who is a grounding presence, fierce, intuitive, and sweet. Her classes are challenging, musical, and creative, with an emphasis on slow, deep, and equal breathing, and teachings grounded in life experience and yoga philosophy. The seamless sequencing of her classes is fluid and reflects her knowledge of the body and rhythm through many years of dance and asana.

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She is adept at Sanskrit pronunciation and transmitting the language through chanting ancient mantras & yogic texts. Originally from Savannah, Georgia, Andrea has been teaching yoga since 2003. In 2005, she cofounded Satsang Yoga Charleston, and operated it until 2024. She is an Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher, having both trained extensively and worked directly as the executive assistant with Sharon Gannon and David Life. In 2006, she completed the 800-hour advanced certification, and became an integral part of the renowned Jivamukti Teacher Trainings Trainings, mentoring thousands of students from all over the world. She advanced the study/skill of many certified teachers via the Apprenticeship Program at her shala, & in 2015,

created “The Natural Teacher Training Course."


Andrea has been a guest teacher at yoga centers all over the world, including: Indonesia, Russia, Germany, South Africa, Australia, Czechoslovakia, Italy, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, England, France, Israel, Turkey, Mexico, and Costa Rica. She has taught on tour with Michael Franti and Spearhead, at yoga festivals and conferences, Omega Institute, Kripalu Institute, and is involved in fundraising for organizations such as Bhumi Sehat and The Shyamdas Foundation. She has studied with many incredible teachers, including her Sanskrit teacher Dr. M. A. Jayashree, philosophy teacher Professor Nagaraja Rao, singing teacher Padma, and beloved teachers Shyamdas and Ram Dass.


She is the author of The Depth of Birth, a resource for parents-to-be, Forthright: 2020 Poems, an introspection of the dark and light in humanity, Latitude, and Yoga Teachings: The Beautiful GameIn The Bhav is her first album, co-produced with Anthony Haro, released Jan 2024. She edited and produced the books An Offering of Leaves, Sweeping the Dust and Fell In Her Hands and produced 7 albums called “The Spoken Word Series” featuring Sharon Gannon, David Life, and Shyamdas.

She wrote, hosted, & produced the radio show "The Depth of Birth," on local OHM Radio station (96.3).


“I have had the wonderful opportunity of knowing Andrea for over 10 years. I was a beginner and have benefitted in so many ways from private sessions. I always leave feeling calm, enthusiastic, refreshed, and rejuvenated. My experience has been very rewarding. The insight, teachings, and recollections

provided by Andrea has been invaluable.”- Dr. Amit Agrawal


"It is hard for me to put into words how taking an Andrea class can make you feel. She has a way of having you challenge yourself, to realize the practice of yoga is not only moving your body, but opening your mind, asking why, and breathing with intention. She has a light energy, and

walks the talk of a true yogi."- R. Sheppard


"Andrea's teachings deepen my yoga practice in ways I didn't know were possible."- Susan McKellar


"I felt lucky to have such a strong and soulful woman at my birth. She helped me stay calm while I focused on birthing my little boy." - SMI


"Hiring Andrea was the best decision I made to assist my natural birth. She is open, gentle, knowledgeable, and wise. I felt completely seen, heard and taken care of from the moment I hired her. Her generosity was and is still felt strongly. She possesses so much light, positivity & love. I loved having her energy near.”- HD


"I could not have anticipated how invaluable the support and encouragement I received was. Andrea’s sense of the body, her ability to intuit the needs of the people she works with, and her sincere belief in the capacity of women to lean into their power, allowed me to have a beautiful and fulfilling birth experience. I would encourage every woman in my life to seek Andrea’s advice. Her passion is reflected in her knowledge and commitment." - LV

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