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“The Depth of Birth is the bellwether that delivers upgraded and conscious considerations on how to actively engage in the process of pregnancy and birth. It is a call to mothers to evaluate with eyes wide open what has been hiding in plain sight. A quiet, but radical, shift in perspective coming to the forefront, where standardized protocols of medical intervention are being understood as an option but not a necessity. The trend forward is an emphasis on gentle, non-violent, infant- sensitive, family-focused practices as optimal prenatal and neonatal care. Boyd's comprehensive and well-researched book empowers mothers to understand they have choices. It is so beautifully written, comprehensive and heartfelt-a true treasure.”- Terry Monell, MA, Prenatal & Perinatal & Somatic Psychologist, Psychoeducation Researcher/Writer

“The Depth of Birth says it all. In over 17 years of supporting birth in a variety of ways, this is the first book that I’ve read that has the heart, facts, techniques, and down-to-earth perspective that is essential for birthers to create the most powerful, organic, joyful experience of giving birth. Andrea’s soul of non-violence, consciousness, and commitment to what’s right, is felt through each and every carefully chosen word. I have no doubt that every reader will come away with awakened good feelings about birth and an up-leveled commitment to doing birth the “baby’s way.” Particularly note the passion and clarity of the chapters on circumcision and obstetric violence - two topics that typically get swept under the rug. But not Andrea. She is fierce and goes for it. I suggest you do too." - founder of


“The Depth of Birth is a valuable resource that emboldens mothers to take the initiative for the type of birth experience they want. As a physician and surgeon for forty years, I can honestly say that reading this book taught me that there are many well-founded alternatives to the “accepted rules” of Obstetrics.” 

– Carl R. Boyd, M.D., Echoes from the Operating Room: Vignettes in Surgical History


“Andrea weaves ancient wisdom, intuition, and top-rate research. A mother’s must-read, The Depth of Birth illustrates how to holistically love and care for your child from a sesame seed-sized embryo to the sacred event of moving baby through the birth canal.” – Helen Greenfield, Healer’s Guide to High Vibes Practical Ways to Cleanse Your Energy Field


“I was really thankful that you included circumcision in the book. I haven’t read any other birth-related books that are that raw and honest about it.”- Mom, Portland, OR

“In this age of so much pharmaceutical, political, media, and governmental intervention, this book can help women to educate themselves to make choices and not just randomly jump into anybody’s camp of beliefs about pregnancy and childbirth. 

We as women need to stand up in our strength, live our wisdom, and practice our knowledge, so we bring in

a new generation based in truth. 

Thank you so much, Andrea,

for writing this important book.”

- Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful

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