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I provide a calming presence, with physical, emotional, and informational support, so that mothers and partners, as well as the baby, have a gentle, respectful, empowering birth experience. I apply the study, teaching, and practice of yoga and ancient science of Ayurveda to my services. Tools of breathing, essential oils, acupressure, positioning, mantra, meditation, massage, and sound all play a role in support. I specialize in unmedicated births, protective measures for the baby's psychological well-being after birth, and co-creating an atmosphere where the mother feels free and strong, the parents are heard and respected, and the sacred transition from womb to room is revered. 


Evidence-Based Facts from the American Pregnancy Association on Doulas:

25% shorter labor, 50% reduction in cesarean rate, 30% reduction in analgesia use,

40% reduction in Pitocin & forceps use, 60% reduction in epidural requests 



    Support Includes:

     Free 30 minute Consultation 

     2 Prenatal Visits (2 hrs each)

     Creating a Birth Wishes Sheet 

     Phone & Email Support 

     Full Support for Labor and Birth 

Post Birth Support

     Postpartum Follow-Up Visit (1-2 hrs)

     Organic Sitz Bath Mixture (20 oz)

     The Depth of Birth Book     

     Local References/Referrals 

     Lending Library 

     Back-Up Doula 



Call or email to schedule a consultation, or if you have any additional questions.

Investment in support is $2000. Deposit of 50% due upon signing contract. 

Payment plans available if needed.  


"The value Andrea provided was dollar for dollar the best money

we spent on the birthing process..the birth went much smoother and reduced our anxiety."

-Ryan, first time dad​



Assistance with basic breastfeeding need

Birth processing 

Shoulder/back massage

Help and support with baby care while you rest or nap 

Ayurvedic recommendations

Simple meal prep

Meal delivery (hourly rate does not include cost of food)

Helping with light household tasks like dishes/laundry, light tidying

In-tune to the needs of parent(s) and children

Helping to ensure self-care, hydration

Relaxation & breathing techniques

Simple Baby Massage techniques


I suggest one visit soon after birth. Then,
Week 1: 3 days, 2-4 hours per day, 

Week 2: 3 days, 2-4 hours per visit
Weeks 3-12: 2 days, 2-4 hours per visit


FEE:  $50/hr. Min. 2 hrs/day. Min. 10 hrs total

*Hourly rate applied if RT travel time is more than 1 hr or distance is > than 15 miles away.
*Overnight Care Available Tues/Thurs/Sat  8-10 hour shift, ranging from 8pm-7am 

CANCELLATION POLICY: If cancelled less than 24 hrs before, 50% of fee applies



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