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South Carolina

OCTOBER 11-14, 2024 


Includes: 3 nights, 2 classes daily, evening satsang, homemade vegan meals, meditation, pool, double accommodations, beachside

venmo @andi-boyd-10

payment plans available.


50% deposit holds space.

25% cancellation fee 


“Retreats with Andrea are steeped in her beautiful energy. Her years of experience and loving awareness make a single weekend stay with you for a lifetime. From the moment you wake up, the smell of delicious food fills the air and asana fills the space. Andrea’s in-depth knowledge will take every portion of your practice to the next level. These retreats are a must!"

- Chris Whisenhunt


“Andrea is magical. As a teacher, a chef, and as someone you just want to be around. I look forward to Pawley's every year. The experience of this retreat is YOGA.

Andrea brings everyone together in

the most organic way.”

- Amanda Reinhart

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Nov 2024 Leela Yoga 
Baton Rouge, LA

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