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2024 Schedule 

Tues, Feb 27


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During these weeks of growing a baby, a woman wants to feel strong, supple, intuitive, relaxed, supported, and prepared. The womb-life and first three years of life set the entire life's course. Through conscious pregnancy and gentle birthing, we set the foundation for life-long health and happiness in a child. Conscious mothers and protecting babies are perhaps the greatest way we can help bring peace to the world. Come to be with other expecting moms throughout pregnancy, practicing yoga and meditation, while you experience enormous physical, emotional & spiritual changes that prepare you to welcome another soul!


"Prenatal Yoga with Andrea was an absolutely wonderful experience. The inclusion of breath-work, meditation, asana, and specific practices for labor along with related discussion provides an open, comfortable and safe space for us mamas to embrace our experience - as is - no filter, no judgment. Andrea's passion and knowledge in regard to yoga, pregnancy and birthing, along with her grounding presence, creates an inspiring and fulfilling space to which

I returned to over and over." - Stacy Peth


"Not only did my body feel less tense and strained, but I felt more connected with my baby.

Truly a comforting experience that I recommend to any expecting mother." - Lauren S.


"Prenatal yoga with Andrea was my favorite self-care activity while pregnant. Andrea fostered a welcoming, inclusive community by encouraging moms to experience the beauty of birth through the historical abundance of practical knowledge and spiritual wisdom. I left every class with a heart full and great sense of peace." - Sara S.


"Prenatal yoga with Andrea is a wonderful way to prepare your body, mind and soul. She is a wealth of knowledge in yoga, pregnancy, and childbirth and shares so much wisdom during each class. I always left feeling empowered, peaceful, stronger, more informed. The fear I held onto for so long finally started to be released. I felt supported and it was amazing having someone really believe in me. When the time came to birth, I was excited." - Randi S.


"I started classes with Andrea at four months pregnant. I felt a connection to her, & although I didn’t know her well, I felt very comfortable around her. I love her energy." -Megan Hirschler

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