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One-on-One Private/Semiprivate- Private sessions allow you to explore areas of interest such as: fundamentals of yoga, specific asanas, adjusting to injuries, improvement of practice, meditation, yogic philosophy, use of props, diet, skills for yoga teachers, and more. Tailored to the individual (s) and tremendous possibility of growth.  $110/hr $150/1.5 hrs

Group Private- Group sessions are available for weddings, corporate offices, families, teams, teens, children. Fee depends on number of people, location, etc. Email:

Harmonium Lesson- Learn about this beautiful instrument, how to play it, various chants, so you can infuse your home with calming music for yourself, friends, and family. $60/hr

Sanskrit Chanting/Pronunciation- Great for students or teachers who want to go deeper into learning the Sanskrit language, including pronunciation, diacritical marks, ancient melodies, etc.

One-on-one $50/hr Zoom $60/hr in-person, 2 people or more: $30 per person/hr 


Yogic Texts Study- Available in person or online to anyone who wishes to delve into Patanjali's Yoga Sutra, The Bhagavad Gita, chakra system, Narada's Bhakti Sutra, and/or specific mantras/slokas from ancient texts to enhance one's knowledge/life.

One-on-one $50/hr Zoom $60/hr in-person, 2 people or more: $30 per person/hr 

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